About me

I am an experienced software professional with over ten years of experience in the banking and finance industry, working in various capacities. This includes working as a business analyst, developer, and Quality Assurance (QA) lead.

I joined Prominent in 2019 with a sound understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and a good working knowledge of driving projects from the initial requirement stage to the final release stage. I pride myself in being a true team player and love to challenge myself in any given situation. I am recognized as very calm, patient and as a good listener in my social circle, and people often look to me to discuss anything that concerns them.

Area of Practice

Quality Assurance


I am a very creative person and can easily come up with innovative ideas, whether it is at work or at home while working on a DIY project!


My expertise is in QA Automation, utilizing multiple tools and automation framework development.


I enjoy gardening, music, hiking, biking and reading.