The Prominent Process

Today, IT companies face countless challenges as it relates to shifting priorities in the industry. A significant challenge can be finding the right fit for projects and their tasks. Prominent focuses on alleviating that challenge by making a significant effort to get to know each and every facet of every project that comes along.

1. Understanding

At Prominent, we use strategic methods of pairing experienced professionals with the most suitable projects for them. In order to find those perfect pairings, we take the time to create a foundational understanding of our client’s goals, both short and long term as well as their values before referring professionals to them. Having this deeply rooted understanding of our client’s business practices, we are better able to connect them with their ‘perfect fit’ for the position at hand.

2. The 'Perfect Fit'

Attracting and retaining top talent in IT requires a certain degree of expertise. We have local and international recruitment engines that focus exclusively on fitting candidates with specific projects for our clients. Our search implements the use of our internal database, job board searches, employee directories, networking events, discussion forums, and many other avenues to attract and retain top candidates. You can expect Prominent to provide timely feedback regarding potential candidates, as a testament to our commitment to the success of our clients.

3. Screening

Once a potential candidate has been deemed a good fit for the task at hand, we assess their skills, qualifications, and their potential to fit into the culture of the company we’re serving. The best practice in the screening process is to ensure each candidate is assessed from every angle; most often, a recruiter will assess particular skills in addition to a subject matter expert assessing other areas of importance. In these times, finding the right cultural fit is every bit as important as technical aptitude.

4. Two-Fold Interview

We call it a two-fold interview because candidates aren’t only interviewed by us, they’ll eventually be interviewed by the client we’re trying to establish them with. We will conduct the interviewing of candidates using all of the knowledge we’ve gained thus far to formally interview the person. After the interview has been approved at the executive level, these applicants are passed along to the client for the next phase to formulate a transition that makes sense for the candidate and the client.

5. Re-Connection

The search and interview process is obviously what is at the forefront of this process but Prominent values strengthened relationships with every client we work with. We stay in close contact with both the client as well as the candidate throughout the transition period to ensure the most successful outcome for both parties.

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