It is our default as people, during a time like this, to just wait. We think we will take it slow, be patient, and wait until things return to normal… so we can get on with our lives. But, deep inside of each of us is a persistent little voice telling us that “normal” has been altered forever.

I was recently reflecting on how I have felt over this past month of world-altering, shelter-in-place mayhem, and I have decided the best way I can describe it is – invigorated. It felt odd (or maybe even wrong) to admit that. I asked myself why I felt that way and came up with this – the way we feel about something is a direct result of our response to it. And, our response at Prominent has been powerful.

Prominent, as a company, has done the opposite of waiting patiently. We have taken a very active approach to this situation. While we cannot ignore the fact that this time in history is lined with tragedy, we are energized and are hungry for ways to use this global event as an opportunity to come out on the other side a better version of ourselves.

Earlier this week, we shared 5 responses that we've had to the coronavirus situation. Now, we are sharing the remaining 5 responses that we've enacted.

Connecting People with Other People

As we listened and shared, an amazing thing began to happen. We started noticing that the people we were talking to could benefit from a conversation with other people who we were talking to.

One business executive was talking about how his business is finally being forced to go paperless because of obvious complications with remote workers and heavy file cabinets. We connected this executive with one of our customers who went paperless a few years ago (emptying dozens of file cabinets).

Another one of our customers told us that one of their services would soon need an option for telemedicine. We connected this customer to one of our other customers who has been working on their own telemedicine service offering.


Everyone has their own unique challenges and opportunities. Some of them are letting contractors go, others are limiting their contractors’ hours, some are laying people off, others are not signing contracts for new projects. None of these things are a surprise to any of us.

What some of us are surprised by is how some businesses are hiring, buying, and spending on revenue-generating projects. Some businesses are funding projects which will increase their revenue and put more people to work.

Whatever the situation, we are practicing our core value of Stewardship by being understanding and open to helping our customers do what is right for their business.

Challenging Others

Because of our own activities in Theorizing and Strategizing, we are naturally talking about those things with others.

We are challenging others to keep moving, thinking, and planning. We are advising customers to do what is right for them. We are warning our customers that there will be a talent shortage waiting on the other side of this situation. We are asking customers to take a longer view and act prudently.

There aren’t a lot of things more refreshing than being challenged to think of a situation differently.



Yes, we are hiring! We have key open roles and we are wearing ourselves out trying to do all the things above.

We hired an experienced Project Manager to drive consistent implementation of our unique and powerful SDLC. We are looking for an Account Manager to help us continue to offer a higher level of customer support. We are always looking for rock-star developers who can help us make reality the dreams of our customers.

Feeding Off of Each Other’s Energy

In times like this you appreciate that you have surrounded yourself with great people.

Everyone has a down day here and there, but the collective good attitude of our team at Prominent overcomes an “off day” by any one individual. Great people are driving each other to new heights during this time.

Parting Thoughts

Let me leave you with these thoughts… We are in the middle of a significant event in the history of the world. Our grandkids, great grandkids, and future generations will read about this event in their history books.

A few years from now, you will reflect on how this time in your life impacted your family, your business, and your life in general. The choices you make today will shape what your family, business, and life will look like at that time.

Will your future self be happy with how you are reacting to this situation? Will your future self be impressed with your clarity of thought within this situation? Will your future self wish you had responded with more boldness?

How can your response be powerful today?

Alan Peltz
Since becoming a professional, I’ve developed two passions: 1) Making software solutions that are valuable and predictable; 2) Raising the bar for software development in the Upper Midwest region. I started Prominent in the fall of 2009 as an independent software developer and I’ve served in nearly every role in software development - including developer, development lead, architect, quality assurance and project manager. Now, I focus on setting the direction and vision for the best software development company (if I must say so myself) in the Upper Midwest. This includes strategic solutioning, software development process improvement and team leadership. I'm having more fun now than I've ever had before as a professional. This has everything to do with the amazing team we have at Prominent. It is a privilege to guide this great team.