Software in manufacturing warehouse
Software Upgrade for an Aero Manufacturing Company
improving long-term efficiency and process development
6 Signs Your Company Needs Custom Software
identifying holes in your business
New hire hand shake
John Blach, Chief Strategy Officer
a warm Prominent welcome
Mobile App for the Department of Transportation
developing an app during a pandemic
Our Unique Hiring Process
what to expect when you apply at Prominent
computer developer
Happy Day of the Programmer
what we love about programmers / developers
Custom Solutions for Medical Staffing Company
developing an ATS, CRM and scheduler
Meet James Fahn, QA Analyst
setting the standard for software testing
The Benefits of Solution Roadmapping
identifying unseen opportunities
software developer reviewing code
Meet Kyle Kapsch, Managing Senior Consultant
an experienced and inspirational software developer
software tester pointing at screen
QA: The Unsung Heroes of Development Teams
how Quality Assurance ensures great software
woman shows coworker the BEK Business website
Custom Solutions for BEK Communications Cooperative
developing a public website and employee portal
Best Practices to Prevent Cyberattacks
understanding and navigating common types of cyberattacks
Meet Jim Herrington, Managing Senior Consultant
an experienced, insightful, and passionate developer
Meet Daniel Bickler, Architect
what success in software development looks like
The Importance of a Fine-Tuned SDLC
how Prominent works with clients to hit the bullseye
Project Manager Q&A: Rob Salvaggio
the inside scoop in the life of a project manager
Lessons From The Past To Guide Us Through Today’s Troubles
three lessons I’ve learned to succeed during a crisis
Serving Your Customers Means Leading
taking charge and actively moving forward
Bold Actions for Long-Term Success
strengthening the capabilities of your business
10 Powerful Responses to World-Changing Situations - Part 2
the steps Prominent has taken during the coronavirus pandemic
10 Powerful Responses to World-Changing Situations - Part 1
the steps Prominent has taken during the coronavirus pandemic
Shepherding Your Business Through Uncertain Times
rebuilding your business during the coronavirus pandemic
Gadget Guy or Determined Developer?
the gadgets and tools that help developers succeed
Women on their phones opening apps.
Iowa's DNC Caucuses — Lessons Learned
reflection on the software application that delayed results from the first caucuses of the 2020 presidential election
2020 blocks
Where We're Going
what's to come for 2020 and beyond
The Story of the Prominent Logo
the history and reason behind our recent rebrand